I used the dead to make the fire rise. The blood of innocents Burning In The Skies.
you were lost in the beating of the storm. But in the end, we were made to be apart
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Titel: Generally speaking,we pack in cartons.6pcs inner box,24pcs or 48pcs per master carton.We will help you to choose the best packaging according to you specific requirents.For instanse,pvc box,single window box,polyfoam box ,even gift box.
鈼廔t is made by mouth-blown and have a competitive price;
鈼廡he material is borosilicate and can hot drinking;
鈼廔t have two size to choose,420ml or 580 ml;
鈼廎ood contact safety. We tested it by SGG for Prop65 and FDA;
鈼廌ishwasher safer; Hand-washing is recommended
Product NameBeer Can Glasses
SizeH:12.2cm, TD:6.1cm, BD:5.1cm,V:420ml,W:126g
H: 15cm, TD: 6.6cm, BD:5.1cm, V:580ml,W: 163g
PackingRegular Packing
Customized packing is available.
SampleStocked sample is always free
Sample time5-7 days
Delivery time30 days after receiving the deposit
Logo making methodsPrint
Payment terms30% T/T deposit, 70% T/T after receiving the copied of B/L
OriginMade in China
PackagingBeer Glass

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