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Kyrie Irving’s Return to Boston Reignites Racism Issue - Pastrnak - 09.07.2021

Kyrie Irving is back in town on Friday. He will bring Kevin Durant, James Harden  and a decades-long debate about racism in a city with a nasty history of it with him.In case you missed it , Irving, the ex-Celtic, made waves Tuesday when he suggested he had experienced racism in Boston. Irving declined to cite specifics, rather imploring fans at TD Garden to keep it strictly basketball, theres no belligerence or any racism going on, subtle racism and people yelling s-from the crowd.O.K. This is notI repeat, this is nota column debating or defending the history of racism in Boston. I grew up in Boston. I knowits bad. Bill Russell, the greatest Celtics player of all time, was on the receiving end of some abhorrent racism in the 1950s and 60s. In 1990, Dee Brown was detained by police at gunpoint for  resembling a robbery suspect. As recently as 2016, Marcus Smart recounted being called the n-word while driving home from a game.On Thursday, Smart was asked about his experience with racism in Boston.Yeah, Ive heard a couple of racist remarks], Smart said. Its kind of sad and sickening. Even though its an opposing team, weve had guys on your home team that youre saying these racial slurs and you expect us to go out here and play for you. Its tough.Arguing Bostons status as a racist city is pointless. Advocates on either side are too entrenched. Evidence is always anecdotal. Kendrick Perkins, a Celtics center for 7 ½ seasons, says he didnt experience racism in Boston. I never dealt with it, Perkins said on NBC Sports Boston. I also came back as an opponent of the Celtics. I played there with the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Cleveland Cavaliers and still never experienced any racism. Others will point to P.K. Subban, the Montreal Canadiens player who highlighted racist tweets from Bruins fans, or Adam Jones, the Baltimore Oriole outfielder who accused Red Sox fans of hurling racial slurs in his direction.If you believe Boston is racist, no one can change that opinion.If you believe it isnt, well, ditto.Irving may have experienced racism in Boston. Its worth noting, however, that when he was asked, point-blank, about it he said it never happened. In March 2019 the city was reeling from accusations from DeMarcus Cousins that a fan used racist language toward him. Irving was asked about his experience in Boston. His response: I myself can only speak for playing here as an opponent Ive never heard anything like that.Ill admitthis is personal for me. I understand Boston history. But I also believe racism, like many things, is generational. The prejudices of those from the 1950s cant simply be transferred onto the millions living there now. And Irving, after dropping that bomb, declined to cite any examples, just adding the whole world knows it.It was the kind of vague response that prompted Perkins to say that, with Irving, it was always extra.Look: Irving absolutely could have experienced racism in Boston. Fans, as was highlighted this week, can be awful. In Philadelphia one dope poured popcorn on Russell Westbrook. In New York a Knicks T-shirtwearing moron spit on Trae Young. The father of Grizzlies star Ja Morant recounted a fan in Utah telling him, Ill put a nickel in your back and watch you dance, boy, per ESPN.Every city has its share of bottom-feeding fans.Brad Penner/USA TODAY SportsMake no mistake: Irving will face an angry mob this weekend To Boston fans, Irving is a liar, a player who  told them he was re-signing with the team in 2018 only to bolt for a division rival less than a year later. To them, Irving is the player who returned to a team that came within one game of the NBA Finals in 18 and sabotaged it to the point it became second-round fodder in 19 David Pastrnak Hoodie. Who feuded with teammates, particularly the young ones. Who couldnt make it work with Brad Stevens.It wont be an entirely rational response, but when is it? In 2010, LeBron James was mercilessly booed in his return to Cleveland after making the decision to move to Miami as a free agent. Durant, once a folk hero in Oklahoma City, was vilified upon his return in 17. Fans dont cheer for playersthey root for the laundry. When you cast a jersey aside, they come for your head.It will be years, decades maybe, before Boston can beat back its dark history with racism. It may never. In the meantime, Celtics fans will boo Irving every time he touches the ball on Friday. Not because he is Black. But because he is good, the Nets are better and when Irving is done battering the Celtics, the Nets will be among the favorites to win a championship. In Boston, they hate Irvingwhile privately wishing he were still around, doing it for them.

RE: Kyrie Irving’s Return to Boston Reignites Racism Issue - whyufoamin - 23.02.2022


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RE: Kyrie Irving’s Return to Boston Reignites Racism Issue - whyufoamin - 10.06.2022


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