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What is Diamond Quarry and Concrete Wire Sawing
For bench cutting in marble quarries in India, diamond wire saw (DWS) machines are mainly used. The cutting performance of the DWS machine, or diamond cutting tools depends on non-controllable parameters related to rock characteristics and controllable parameters related to machine and other operational aspects. Cut size area of a bench is one of the operational controllable parameters and it has an important role in the cutting performance of the machine. Dolomitic marble deposits are available in large quantities in India. Thus, this study was undertaken to investigate the effects of bench cut size area on the cutting performance of DWS machines in soft, medium-hard and hard dolomitic marble. The study revealed that cut size of the bench plays a significant role in the performance of the DWS machine. The optimum bench cut size also varies with the nature of marble to be cut. It also depends on the types of cuts to be made in the marble such as vertical, vertical strand and horizontal. The results of this study can also be applied to other types of marble and they will also be of use to the operators of stone quarry machine.

Raw Stone Processing

 Stones exploited from mines by rock driller with irregular form and rough section are called raw stones, which can not be applied in plate processing immediately. At present, raw stone in China mainly involves marble and granite. With the development of technology, the old way of shaping stones by labor is outdated.
Diamond saw blade used to process raw stones usually owns a large circular saw blade, on which diamond grits are inserted. Owning to its flexible property, diamond wire saw blade can be used to process ultra-hard stones. However, its diameter is usually large, and its height is twice the stones to be processed together with the diameter of Flange. It is not easy to produce diamond saw blade with too large diameter. Therefore, diamond saw blade is unsuitable to process oversize plates.

Comparatively, diamond wire saw not only owns the flexibility of ropes, but also owns rigidity of diamond. Moreover, they are not limited by length. Due to those features, diamond wire saws are almost applicable to cut any large objects. It has many advantages, such as short time preparation, strong flexibility, high efficiency, energy saving, etc, which make diamond wire saws popular in stone mining and stone processing.

 Plate Cutting

 When processing stones, plate cutting is a quite important step. Usually diamond saw blades are used to cut plates. But in this situation, the size of plates is relatively small. One diamond wire saw is able to cut large plates and ultra-large plates, and is not restrained by the thickness of stones. However, compared with diamond frame saws containing several tens or a few hundreds saws, diamond wire saw is neither efficient nor cost-effective. Consequently, diamond wire saws are used when plates are too thick or their amount is small. With the development of technology, combined diamond quarry wire saws are went out. Combined diamond wire saws can be applied in cutting marble and granite plates when changing different beads or linear velocity of diamond wire saws.

Irregular Stones Processing

 Irregular stones refer to all special-shaped stones except sheet and block stones, and include many types, such as pillars and arches. Nowadays, people’s demands are much stricter, so it is with irregular stones processing. In the course of irregular stones processing, diamond wire saws and diamond saw blades are used. Owing to its high linear velocity, diamond wire saws could shift curve type and arc type, and can be widely applied in processing parquet and curved sides.

Concrete wire sawing is a versatile and effective concrete sawing tool used for particularly challenging projects where traditional saws won’t work. When cutting through concrete structures, cross-sections, and other complex objects, manual saws are often unable to do the job effectively—when those situations arise, wire saws can get the job done. Once set up, wire saws can easily saw through any concrete, stone, or metal structure.

A concrete wire saw consists of a thin steel wire with diamond segments embedded that cut through hard materials via abrasion. The wire is threaded through a system of pulleys that are aligned in the direction of the cut. Once the wire is securely wrapped around the object, the pulley pulls the wire across the concrete and begins cutting. Water is fed across the system to keep the wire lubricated and the system from overheating from extreme friction.


If you have a difficult construction project that involves cutting through steel-encased concrete, concrete-encased steel supports, concrete retaining walls, or reinforced rebar, wire saws can saw through them safely and with ease. Due to its diamond cutting edge, wire saws are ideal for segmenting or removing large chunks of reinforced concrete when other saws can’t cut through the strong material. Stone cutting wire saws can also be configured to tackle unique structures such as steel nuclear reactors or metal engine blocks.


 There are several reasons why conventional diamond saw blades won’t work for a concrete cutting project: the concrete structure may be too large, the shape may be too irregular to safely work around, the location may be too inaccessible, or the structure may be too heavily reinforced for blades to cut through. Wire saws are easily able to navigate all of those problems. The benefits of using wire saws for concrete construction projects also include: 

Cleaner construction areas. Since water needs to flow across the wire saw to keep concrete dust from building up and damaging the equipment, this process produces much less airborne dust than traditional saws. Not only does less dust make the construction area easier to clean up, but it also keeps workers from inhaling concrete particulates
 Deeper concrete cuts. Traditional cut-off machines, diamond chainsaws, and circular saws have a limited reach. Concrete cutting wire saw offers an almost unlimited depth range for concrete cutting. 
 Precision cutting. Since the wire is more narrow and flexible than ring saws, concrete cuts will be more precise using wires. And since the wire is guided through pre-cut drill holes, the final cuts will always be the right size and in the right location.
 Easy access. Wire saws don’t require as much space to operate as ring saws do. And since they aren’t manually operated, it’s an ideal option for construction jobs that have hard-to-reach places and are in challenging environments like underwater.
Quiet. Wire saws cause minimal vibrations and are much quieter than other construction equipment. This low noise output makes it the preferred cutting option for residential projects and night operations. 
 Quick cutting. Since wire sawing doesn’t require manual operators, the machine can cut at a consistent speed without breaks. This keeps construction projects running on schedule. 
 Increased safety. Because wire saws are remote control operated, it minimizes the risk of an accident and keeps everyone near the construction site safe.

 Just because wire saws are remotely operated doesn’t mean there isn’t a chance of injury. Since the wires are under extreme tension, there is always a chance that they can snap and cause extreme injuries to anyone nearby. Construction teams should still take proper safety precautions when using this piece of machinery. Just like any large piece of machinery, only trained specialists should operate wire saws with dry cutter.


 The concrete wire saw, or diamond saw blade for concrete has become an indispensable tool for any concrete cutting company because of its adaptability and strength. At A-Core, we rely on our wire sawing division to handle many of our toughest projects. 

  From state governments and private contractors to residential homeowners, we produce quality concrete wire sawing services to a wide spectrum of clients. Whether we’re repairing highways, retrofitting the Utah State Capitol for a seismic update, or executing controlled demolition on a 230-foot smokestack, A-Core provides practical and flexible solutions for all types of construction challenges.

 Many of our projects involve segmenting and removing all types of difficult-to-cut materials from hard-to-reach places. So when it comes to cutting and hauling away large, reinforced concrete masses from piers, bridges, towers, dams, and other structures, our wire sawing division is always ready. 
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